Real estate – solid foundation for long term investment?

Real estate stands among the most popular investments for long term portfolios. Yet, when living abroad, the constraints related to owning & managing such asset class can diter from taking the step. Real Estate is also a relevant protection your portfolio against inflation.

Let’s use this discussion to identify best practices when it comes to investing in Real Estate while living abroad.

Solution 1: Physical assets

We currently lack of experience to provide a relevant set Best Practices when it comes to direct holdings of Real Estate. Please share with us your experience in the comments below.

Solution 2: Paper Real Estate

Real Estate can be accessed also through the stock market, in the same fashion as an normal stock or ETF.

REITS are collective investment schemes that provide diversified exposure to Real Estate and save you the trouble of dealing with day to day management. They also enable to access assets that are too large or difficult to source for individuals.

Currently we use the following ETF

  • VNQI US: the Vanguard Global ex-U.S. Real Estate. this ETF provides exposure to REITS in above 30 countries (excluding US)

Another attractive solution are the SCPI. These are French, non listed Real Estate Investment funds. See our dedicated discussion here.


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