What is ExpatInvestClub?

Let’s face the music, when it comes to Personal Investment it may seem difficult to know where to start, find the proper platform, study the different options and start building some kind of portfolio.

Unless you have access to a good Private Banker or a rock solid Financial Adviser, you have to rely only on yourself. Yet, in the busy expat life, it’s unlikely that you have the time (and the energy) to dedicate countless hours to develop and optimize portfolio and maintain it throughout the years.

Truth is, most expats know at least a few elements about investment, either from their families, some past investments or a Finance related job. ExpatInvestClub aims at getting people to share these building blocks so we can all learn and achieve success in our personal investment.

Come and share with us! Don’t hesitate to join the Editorial team, just let us know here or in the comments section.